Brian Morvant filming Pod (2014)

Brian stars as Martin in Pod.

"Played to wild-eye perfection by Brian Morvant."
- Entertainment Weekly

"Morvant needs to be awarded something bright and shiny for his work as the paranoid veteran - his rambling and complete sense of imbalance are the stuff of notoriety - a potent performance"
- Dread Central

"Morvant furiously pushes the scenario to its limits, making the increasingly dangerous and erratic veteran equally enthralling, terrifying, and tragic."
- Austin Chronicle

"Manages to keep Martin sympathetic even during his most violent outbursts."
- SciFi Now

"Brian Morvant plays a psychotic, ex-soldier suffering from PTSD so well, I'm positive he is suffering from some sort of mental illness. I'm not making fun of the man, but hoping he reads this and seeks help. He has it all down to a T".
- Slackjaw Punks

"A phenomenal Brian Morvant." "It's an overwhelming scene, the introduction of Martin, but in one hell of a good way, Morvant absolutely shines in the role, coming off almost Manson-like in the way that he talks."
- Icons of Fright

"The cast is phenomenal."
- Aint It Cool News

"A jarring, cinematic funhouse."
- Shock Till You Drop

"Absolutely worth checking out"
- Bloody Disgusting

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Brian plays Tommy in The Mind's Eye.

"Brian Morvant also pops up for a quick fight as a character named Tommy. It's a very well done scene and Morvant also has the magnetism to turn Tommy into a curious character."
- Collider


Brian Morvant filming Pod (2014)

Sorry, Batman...
But it feels so good to commit murder in Gotham City.

Brian plays Adams in episode 8 of Gotham, "The Mask".


Brian plays a drug dealer cornered by the police.