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Brian plays Adams in Gotham Season 1 Episode 8 "The Mask".


 Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 15 "Power Players".

POD (Vertical Entertainment)

Brian plays Martin in Pod. World Premiere South by Southwest.

"Played to wild-eyed perfection by Brian Morvant."
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"Sympathetic even during his most violent outbursts."
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DARLING (Screen Media)

Brian plays Henry in Darling. World Premiere Fantastic Fest.

"The film's best scene is also its most restrained,
a tensely seductive conversation between Darling and Henry (Brian Morvant)."

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THE MIND'S EYE (RLJ Entertainment)

Brian plays Tommy in The Mind's Eye. World Premiere Toronto International Film Festival. 

"Morvant also has the magnetism to turn Tommy into a curious character."

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Brian plays dual roles Adam & Phillip.

Winner: Best Comedy, High Desert International Film Festival.



Brian plays special agent Nathan Stone.

Winner: Best TV Pilot, NY International Film Festival