POD (2015)

Martin Matheson (Brian Morvant) has captured a lethal government experiment in the basement of his isolated lakehouse, or so he believes. When his siblings arrive for an intervention no one is prepared for the violence unleashed.

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"Played to wild-eyed perfection by Brian Morvant."
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"Sympathetic even during his most violent outbursts."
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 DARLING (2016)

Henry thinks he is about to have a one-night stand with a girl he just met at a bar... but Darling has other plans.

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"The film's best scene is also its most restrained,
a tensely seductive conversation between Darling and Henry (Brian Morvant)."

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When Zack Connors breaks into The Slovak Institute to get revenge on the doctor who sought to steal his telpathic powers, Tommy (Brian Morvant) heads in to take Zack down. 

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"Morvant also has the magnetism to turn Tommy into a curious character."

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 GOTHAM (2014)

Sometimes you have to spill a little blood to get ahead in Gotham City...

Sorry, Batman.